guffanti brunettes

a podcast by emily wilson and sophia percario.

Emily Wilson and Sophia Percario talk all things life, love and cheese. Not for those who are too sensitive (except to lactose).


New episode every Monday.

Emily has a fear of pooping. Sophia uses affirmations as contraception. If you want a boob job, get a boob job.

Emily is done with being done with negative energy. Sophia gets bullied by a doctor. Instagram is poisoning all of us.

Emily has a paranormal experience in her apartment. Sophia goes to Portugal and finds herself with a very giving gentleman. Sometimes women just need to cry.

Emily is losing all her social skills. Sophia has a chronic rear-ending problem. Stereotypes are sometimes very useful.

Emily discovers her hound dog sense of smell. Sophia is going blind and she knows exactly why. Are you still supposed to pick up your dog's shit if the shit is wet shit?

Emily likes corn way too much. Sophia tries to hold down her wicked Jack Daniels hangover. Where is the Middle East?

Emily will never not wear makeup again. Sophia has a full-grown beard. If The Bachelor did a gay season, would it just be Bachelor in Paradise?

Emily is too cuddly of a sleeper. Sophia will now go by Lady Gaga. All drunk girls compare boobs.

Emily reflects on her old ways of expressing feminism. Sophia glued somebody's eyelid shut. If you ever wrong Sophia, she will steal your phone and burn photos of you. 

Emily is experiencing major identity anxiety. Sophia is having dreams that worms are coming out of her mouth. Apparently it is possible to put the ozone layer in your bloodstream.